One World, One Market! Reishi Gano (RG)

Ganocelium (GL)
Prevention is better than cure
Cocozhi &

Tropical Morinzhi
Healthy Beverages enriched with
finest Cocoa and Roselle
Lingzhi Coffee

A smooth and full-bodied coffee
with an irresistible aroma
EuCafé Coffee Healthy Delicious Coffee Spirulina Tablets Complete food supplement for the future Aloe Vera

Cosmetics Series
Most effective for glowing skin
Lingzhi Coffee 2-in-1 Healthy Delicious Black Coffee

Welcome to
  • DXN Sri Lanka
  • One World One Market
  • Magnum Investments (Pvt) Ltd.

DXN is dedicated in following through with all aspects of its business model from Cultivation and Processing all the way to the actual marketing of its Ganoderma enriched products direct to its consumers.

This process has granted DXN global acclaim for its state of the art management system, research and development as well as the highest of quality products on the market today. DXN is the 24th biggest direct selling company in the world.

With our “One World One Market” philosophy, and the Daxen family’s dedication and commitments, we shall fortify our current achievements maintain our competitive edge, and strategically build new markets.

One Dragon

The entire process – cultivation, processing and marketing is solely done by the Company under strict quality control.

One World One Market

Each and every distributor enjoys worldwide bonus with single membership.

One Mind

The company and the distributors single-mindedly concentrate on doing DXN business.


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