RED represents fire to symbolize the company’s fighting spirit to progress.

The Red Oval  symbolizes the rising sun to represent aggressiveness, single-mindedness and persistence in achieving DXN’s vision.

GREEN represents trees to symbolize the dynamic growth and expansion of our market.

The Green Branches symbolizes Ganoderma to represent the company’s strong commitments for growth and relentless striving to achieve excellence by focusing on health-based industry.

BLUE represents water to symbolize the foundation for all the vigorous developments.

The Blue Horizontal Line symbolizes the company as the power source for the impetus of business development.

Our large and prominent logo very accurately symbolizes the tasks and aspirations of our company DXN.

This logo which is a colorful picture tells the story of DXN, its purpose and aim, bringing you products in the form of health supplement, food and beverage items and personal health care such as therapeutic soap, tooth paste, oils, creams and lotions.

All items are fortified with related vitamins, minerals, amino acid, fats and other essential properties required for long healthy living.