• Coffee & Morinzhi

A Preventive Protective Diet Supplement ,Prevention is Better than Cure ,Any person can improve his/her Health and Lifestyle ,You can have more Energy, More Clarity, More Fun…

Morinzhi contains Health enhancing attributes,That are Antibacterial,Anti-inflammatory, Analgesic,Anti-congestive and has,Cancer-inhibiting compounds.

Yes, MORINZHI Works at the Cellular level ! Works at the roots of illness, Works at the source, Not with the symptoms, Noni’s active ingredients are Antioxidants, Phyto-nutrients, high in Enzymes, a great source of Vitamins (especially Vitamin C), Minerals and is rich in Fibre.

Scientifically known as Morinda Citrifolia, Noni is found mainly in French olynesia (Tahiti) and also in Malaysia, as it is well adapted to the country’s climate and oil. It was traditionally used as a health tonic in the tropics.DXN grows its own Noni organically, in a natural pollution - free environment with micro nutrient - rich soils. Harvested when ripe, to ensure nutrients and active ingredients are at optimum levels to deliver maximum benefits to the end consumer.

A Herbal Dietary Supplement, To keep you always Healthy,Energetic & Strong. ROSELL’S nutrient is also added to it. with this It is Nature’s Gift to Humanity. DXN’s Morinzhi is made from freshly squeezed Noni juice, enriched with 100% pure and natural Roselle extract to enhance the nutritional benefits ts and taste of this nutrient-rich beverage (No water is added).

DXN Lingzhi Coffee is the first known “Healthy Detox Coffee” in the world brought to you exclusively by DXN. Lingzhi Coffee is a tasty and delicious, healthy beverage blended with Ganoderma extract and helps to provide more energy and vigor, while reducing fatigue. The taste alone will tell you how good it is.. Each sachet of black coffee contains 4 rounded teaspoons of coffee * Ganoderma extract which makes around 4 cups per sachet or 80 cups per box.

In a regular cup of coffee there are about 170 mg of caffeine (around 3 time more in Starbucks type of coffees) and in decaffeinated coffee there are about 30/40 mg of caffeine. , not to forget to mention the chemicals.On the stock market, Coffee is a 90 billion dollar industry but what is significant is that just in North America 85%+ drink 3 to 5 cups of coffee per day. A huge number of people are at risk for many of the issues surrounding coffee consumption.Read the Top Ten Reasons why you should consider switching to a “Healthy Coffee (DXN Lingzhi Coffee is Healthy Coffee with around 0.06mg per cup, even less than De-caff’s !

The medical world hails Morinzhi for its rich source of “Proxeronine” which is a precursor for Xeronine a molecule required by many proteins of our body, Xeronine assists in enlarging the pores of the cell walls allowing better absorption of nutrients and medicines and supports protein metabolism.Morinzhi can be taken with other medications.Morinzhi actually improves the efficacy of the medicine.