• Ganoderma RG & GL

Our founder, Dr. Lim Siow Jin, has spent more than a decade in the research and development of mushroom cultivation technology. Through this R&D, he has developed a special technology that is capable of producing a 100% yield of high-quality mushroom. Furthermore, of the 3,000-plus mushroom species known, 2,000 are edible and 200 have therapeutic effects, and only six of them have the highest quality. Our special cultivation technology have consistently produced these six species, namely, Kimshen Gano, Peacock Gano, Heart Gano, Liver Gano, Brain Gano and Ruyi Gano. These facts account for the consistent and superior efficacy of our RG/GL.

By consuming Ganoderma regularly, the natural immune system of the body gets regulated and becomes effective. This prevents infectious diseases and toxin accumulation in the body. Though one appears healthy today, there are chances of being attacked by dormant diseases in the body at a later date, when the natural immune system fails. Ganoderma also balances the bio chemistry and stabilizes all functions of the body. Therefore, Ganoderma is advised to a Healthy person as a PREVENTIVE system. A maintenance dosage of 1 - 2 pairs of RG/GL is recommended throughout life.

No. Never. Ganoderma is NOT a replacement or substitute for Medicine. Ganoderma should be consumed along with the medications as a food supplement only. Medications should always be taken as per the advice of one's own physician. In actual experience, health improves due to the consumption of Ganoderma and therefore the dependence on medications come down.

Toxins may originate from internal and external causes. They can be produced as metabolic and body waste internally, or originated from external sources like polluted air, smoke, food, water and various micro-organisms that we may come in close contact with. Our daily food may contain additives like preservatives, antibiotics, flavoring and coloring agents, stabilizers, and other chemicals used in agriculture.

Ganoderma does not lead to any side-effects, whatsoever. There will be a phase of detoxification in the body, for a few days, within the first 30 weeks. During this time body discharges all the toxins and the body is cleansed. This is not to be mistaken for allergy or side-effect.

There is no time limit. Time taken for cure may vary person to person depending upon their body conditions, toxins deposit in the body etc. Normally it takes 30 days to scan the whole body, and 2 to 3 years for complete regeneration. This herb will work in our body very slowly. Slow and steady process and finally achieve the ultimate goal of good health.

No. Never. They should not stop the treatment they are presently undergoing. They should take this herb along with the other medicines. This herb is more effective when taken along with other lines of treatments. The Doctor who is presently prescribing the treatment will reduce the dosage or stop the medicines for the ailments/diseases when this herb is continuously taken.

Over the years, these toxic substances build up in the body and often, the body becomes slow and inefficient to eliminate the toxins. Hence, they get circulated, stored, and causes imbalance in the body. This undermines our health because many diseases are related to toxin accumulation and storage in the body. Toxicity impairs our well-being by causing allergies, skin problems, arthritis, cancer, headaches, fatigue, and digestive problems. Besides, it generally lowers our immunity and ability to ward off diseases and may lead to chronic diseases later in life.

No precautions. No diet restrictions. But you should drink sufficient water.

Ganoderma does NOT cure any ailment directly. It improves the health of the body. Gano improves the natural immune system of the body and balances all the functions of the body organs. It is the body which cures all the ailments. Effective immune system removes all kinds of toxins from the body and protects the body permanently from infections. Therefore, Ganoderma is HEALTH specific and not to be confused with medicines which are specific to diseases or symptoms.

Ultimately it is the combination of the ingredients present in the Reishi Ganoderma that make it so effective Polysaccharides (cleansers) strengthen immunity. Organic Germanium (balancer) increases oxygen levels in the body. Adenosine (regulator) a blood tonic. Ganoderic Acid (builder) aids digestion, allergy prevention. Ganoderic Essence (regenerator) for body tissue rejuvenation. There has been over 400 active ingredients identified in DXN's Ganoderma, all contributing to our health and wellbeing.

DXN is a ‘One Dragon' company, meaning it handles the entire process from cultivation to marketing. The Reishi Ganoderma is 100% organically grown, with zero use of fertilizers, insecticides, hormones or the like. The active ingredients in the Reishi are conserved throughout processing - no compromise. Recognition of DXN's processes and products have seen them recieve certificates from Lloyds and the Australian T.G.A. amongst others.

Dr. Lim performed extensive studies and research, resulting in the identification of six Red Ganoderma that had the best attributes for human health and wellbeing. DXN then developed and patented a hybrid technique using tissue cultures, thus creating one Ganoderma from the six - Reishi (Royal) Ganoderma.

DXN is a Malaysian based company, headed by the brilliant Dr. Lim Siow Jin. It now has a presence in over 100 countries and has been in practice for nearly fifteen years, producing a range of Ganoderma based products.

No. An acute condition should be promptly treated as per the Physician's ( or Surgeon's) advice, particularly if it is a surgical case. Ganoderma may be advised as a supportive therapy only.

Yes. Ganoderma does not interfere with any other medications. In fact, Ganoderma helps improving the efficacy of those medications. It also helps preventing the bad side-effects of some of the drugs. Ganoderma also does not demand diet restrictions.

Take plenty of water and reduce dosage to 50% . Do Not stop taking capsules.

Right From Birth one can consume RG & GL.

Have trust and use it. Thousands have benefited. There are no side effects. By the very reactions you will observe that you are responding to the product.

Yes. Diet Therapy can be used for any functional disorders.

RG (Reishi Gano) is the extract of fruit body of DXN Ganoderma. GL Ganocelium is the extract of roots of the Ganoderma which are separately tissue cultured. Both RG & GL have to be taken as a pair. Dosage is 1 RG +1 GL, 2 RG + 2 GL (pairs), etc. RG & GL can be taken preferably on an empty stomach in the morning and night. Depending upon the number of pairs suggested by the Gano therapist one can consume RG + GL. Ganozhi toothpaste not only cleanses teeth and maintains oral hygiene but also serves as an antiseptic ointment for cuts, boils, burns and wounds.