Introduction to Ganoderma

Ganoderma is a kind of mushroom which has high ranking in the world of fungi. Few centuries, the Chinese regard it as “King of Herbs” for its excellent effect in aiding, assistng or helping in the maintenance or improvement of general well-being.

Ganoderma contains more than 200 active elements which can be categorized as water soluble, organic soluble and volatile compounds. The major elements includes polysaccharide, Adenosine and Triterpenoids, each having their own outstanding medicinal effects.

Ancient Chinese Emperor Shen Nung who studied plants and herbs was in the court yard when the leaf of the Camellia Senensis Blossom (the drink now known as tea) dropped into his boiling pot of water; he drank some of it and found it to be refreshing. Thereafter he found 386 medical herbs of which “REISHI” was superior to them all.

Once again two hundred different kinds of “REISHI” were discovered. In 1990 Dr.Lim Siow Jin picked 6 of the best out of the 200, which had the foremost curing qualities, extracted its properties and made “GANODERMA”. “GANODERMA” is the main ingredient used in DXN products, which has around 230 elements such as essential vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants and other valuable components.

All DXN manufactured products are entirely free of insecticides, chemicals, artificial coloring, flavoring, preservatives, and hormones and are processed and packed to international standards. In ancient times, this preparation was available only to Royalty, but in recent years, extensive green reproduction of the mother plant is done so that the uncontaminated high quality of the species is protected. The process of reproduction is by tissue culture so as to ensure this purity further. A very high nutritional method of cultivation is adopted using paddy husk, and brown rice powder which is sterilized before use.

Technical Background

Daxen’s International headquarters has a 30 acre Ganoderma farm located at Bukit Wang, Malaysia and a10 acre farm at Bukit Pinang in Kedah, Malaysia. Both farms are equipped with the most advanced cultivation technology to cultivate the best quality Ganoderma, and most modern laboratories to perform experiments to further advance Ganoderma growth, production and packaging quality.

Daxen’s farms are located in areas with warm and humid climate, far from heavily populated areas or pollution to provide the most suitable environment for Ganoderma growth. The farm has clean water (pH maintain between 7 to 7.8) and fresh air to ensure Ganoderma does not contain any toxins.

Daxen’s International Headquarter has exclusively developed several advanced cultivation techniques to produce the best quality crop in less time. DXN Ganoderma grown on Daxen farms take only 3 months to harvest compared to other countries which require 6 months or even longer. These methods not only advance our capability to increase production of top quality Ganoderma crop, but also meet our escalating demand worldwide for DXN products.

Daxen Farm uses Organic Cultivation Method with ALL-natural material such as rice chaff and saw dust instead of traditional fertilizer, insecticide or hormone. This specialized cultivation method provides 200 kinds of primary and secondary elements, such as enzymes, coenzymes, amino acids, vitamins, carbohydrates and trace elements, to improve Ganoderma crop’s quality, quantity, growth and resistance to pests.

Daxen Farm also uses Tissue Culture Method, which can reproduce one million pieces of Ganoderma from a single mother plant. From every mass crop growth, a tedious selection process is implemented to identify the best quality Ganoderma for DXN products.

Daxen Farm also utilizes Suspension Arrangement Method to ensure quality growth stages of our Ganoderma crop, so as to avoid the invasion of unwanted material into the Ganoderma.